Salt Gradient Sequencing gels

Ethan Strauss IO00865 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU
Tue Jun 22 09:53:38 EST 1993

Does anyone have experience with salt gradient gels? I am trying one for
the first time today and would welcome any advise. Specifically I'm wondering
when to add the NaOAC if I am doing 2 loadings.
The procedure I am using says to use 1XTBE in the bottom chamber, 0.5X TBE
in the upper chamber and add 3M NaOAC to the lower chamber about 1 hour
after loading.
While I'm posting...
I've had terrible problems with my sequencing gels leaking from the bottom
while pouring. I seal the bottom with brown 3M mailing tape. Anyone have
any hints for easy gel pouring?

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