Cleaning of V-Bottom Microplates used in PCR..?

TIM CHIPMAN 901106c at
Wed Jun 23 09:00:46 EST 1993

We are just starting our first foray into PCR techniques here, and I am 
wondering if anyone can help me out: We have a thermal cycler from MJ 
research, model PTC-100. It takes V-bottom well plates, but unfortunately, 
it does not take "Ye olde standard".... the wells are arranged in a slightly 
different fashion than the norm; thus we must make use of special microtiter 
plates. THese plates run at about $200 for 25. At the rate of usage we 
predict, this will mount up to a cost that is not bearable. 

So. Does anyone know of any protocol which would effectively destroy all 
DNA and all other contaminants, as well as clean the plates effectively?
I was considering someting along the lines of:

rinse tap water, soak overnight in 0.5M NaOH, rinse, rinse ddH2O, set under 
UV to sterilize.

My only real concern for this is how the plates would fare in the NaOH 

Anyway. I realize that PCR can be totally screwed up by very low level 
contaminants; hence If you see a better way to clean/sterilize the plates, 
please let me know! I really appreciate any help I get!

Tim Chipman

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