M13 mp2 mutants wanted

Zophonias Oddur Jonsson zjons at rhi.hi.is
Thu Jun 24 10:06:31 EST 1993


  My lab needs to thest the fidelity of some DNA-polymerases and of course
we want to use the standard method to do this.  To be able to do this we
however need the T.A. Kunkel M13 mp2 mutants, i.e. mp2 A89, mp2 G103,
mp2 A103 and of course the wild type M13 mp2 as well.  Noone in Iceland
(that's where we are) has them and the most obvious approaches to 
obtain these pages have been unsuccessful.  So if anyone has some information
on where I cold get them or (best of all) has them at hand, I would be
very grateful to hear from him/her.


Zophonias O Jonsson
zjons at rhi.hi.is or zjos at lif.hi.is
The Genetics lab 
University of Iceland

no .sig file :-)

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