CTAB functionality as replacement for SDS..?

TIM CHIPMAN 901106c at axe.acadiau.ca
Thu Jun 24 09:20:09 EST 1993

I have a few questions:

I have just read in a paper from Page's lab (who do work with honey bees, as 
I am currently attempting) that SDS will come down with the bee DNA and 
eventually hamper TAQ functionality in subsequent PCR (RAPD) reactions.
The method around this used by the paper I am reading suggested to use CTAB 
and protinase K in the lysis buffer in place of SDS.

I am curious: Does anyone else know of SDS having a negative impact on the 
function of TAQ in PCR reactions?

Also, does anyone know if CTAB will function as a replacement for SDS even 
if there is no protinase K present? We currently have some CTAB in the lab,
and I am keen to correct the protocol immediately if possible. However, we 
have no protinase K, nor do we plan to get any in the near future, due to 
our limited budget at the moment.

Thanks Very much for your help!

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