mRNA extraction from tissue options ...

Marianna Max drmax at
Thu Jun 24 06:04:52 EST 1993

In article <1993Jun23.195249.4894 at> sjchmura at writes:
>Anyway, I need to get rid of the DNA and keep the RNA.  There is no
>100% RNAse free DNAse so I have already thrown that idea out.
I routinely DNAse my RNA samples before RT. Haven't seen any problems with
either RNA degradation or with genomic DNA amplification in my PCR. 

The DNAse solution is mixed with RNAse block before adding the RNA and then
phenol/chloroform and chloroform extracted before RT.

Oh and I use RNAzol to obtain my RNA. I don't think the RNAzol solution
works any better than the standard Chomsinsky (sp?) RNA extraction method,
but it is substantially easier and Roche doesn't seem to mind spending the
extra money :-).


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