RNA polymersase inhibitor

Daniel Mytelka mytelka at zenith.berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 24 15:41:37 EST 1993

In article <1993Jun24.171159.4916 at galileo.cc.rochester.edu> DSCT at BPHVAX.BIOPHYSICS.ROCHESTER.EDU (DAVID SCOTT) writes:
>I need to inhibit RNA polymerase. Is this possible? If so, How, and
>where do I get the reagent. Thank  you in advance for help in inhibiting
>either the polymerase, or in any other way of inhibiting RNA synthesis in
>the cell.
>				Gavin Fischer
>				University of Rochester

It might help us a little if you told us what RNA polymersase you want
to inhibit. If it's e. coli, rifampicin is a good bet. If it's T7, 
T7 lysozyme works. If it's eukaryotic, alpha amanitin is a good 
inhibitor of RNA Pol II, and works ok on RNA pol III (most eukaryotes)
or RNA Pol I (yeast and broccoli).

Dan Mytelka (mytelka at mendel.berkeley.edu)

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