Protein estimation in presence of detergents

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Fri Jun 25 14:16:07 EST 1993

>I am looking for a method for determination of protein which is
>not affected by detergents such as Triton X100 or SDS.  I understand
>that there is a modification of the Coomassie Blue dye binding
>originally assay published by Marion Bradford (Anal Biochem, 1976) which is
>is insensitive to SDS and other detergents.  However I can't find
>the reference.  Can anyone help with this method or any other?
>Dr Connor J Thomas

If your system permits, you might consider Pierce's BCA protein assay 
reagent.  It can determine protien concs. in  the presence of detergents up 
to 1%.  A fellow inour  lab used it for quantitating total protein added 
for gel retardation assays.  The BCA is supposed to be more sensitive than 
the Bradford assay.   Also, if the BCA won't satisfy your needs, I 
believe that a detergent called Thesit is available from BMB and is a 
non-ionic detergent with no OD280.

Hope this helps,
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