DMS methylation

Adam Law al18 at
Fri Jun 25 10:48:38 EST 1993

I'm doing methylation interference experiments on double stranded
oligonucleotides and am having problems with what looks like a background
cleavage at non specific bases.  Thus, I am getting cleavage at bases
other than G and As and therefore I cannot obtain a clear interference
pattern.  Troubleshooting so far:
1.	It is not a nuclease problem - without DMS there is no cleavage
2.	The oligo is fine as after purification the oligonucleotide is a
single band on a 	denaturing gel
3.  This oligonucleotide sequence has an inosine residue in it and I
don't know if this background is due to this residue.
Please help me with this problem.

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