Help with degenerate primers

Hugh Blackbourn Biochem hdb1000 at
Fri Jun 25 05:17:59 EST 1993

Help needed with degenerate oligonucleotide design.............
	My apologies if this is an all too familiar cry for help, but as a
new user I am unaware of previous correspondence.  I would be grateful for
any advice on the following problem.  I have used a soybean codon
frequency file to Backtranslate peptide sequences on GCG.  Does anyone
know of a program (available on UNIX) which would help to select the
optimum oligonucleotide taking into account the degeneracy and melt
temperatures.  Ideally the program would also give some indication of
secondary structure formation that might inhibit the formation of hybrids.
 Thanks for your help.

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