Hybridisation oven questions

Fri Jun 25 14:50:40 EST 1993

Hi all

We have just bought a hybridisation oven and i was wondering if you all out
there have any tips on making the most effective use out of it..


What has been the maximum number of filters used per bottle?
Do you really need to use the mesh provided for placing between filters?
What kind of hyb solution volume to surface area of filter do people use?
Has anyone altered the hyb soln composition as a result of using these ovens?
Are any brands of filter/membrane better than others in these ovens.?
Do people simply use bag hybridisation methods in the ovens?

..and can you really cook a chicken in one of them :-)

Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated. If i get enough response, Ill
try to get a summary sorted out for everyone.


Nigel Walker

Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA

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