Gel leaks (was Salt Gradient Gels) (fwd)

Robert Preston rapr at MED.PITT.EDU
Sun Jun 27 21:54:03 EST 1993

 gchacko at (George W Chacko)
> Subject: Re: Gel leaks (was Salt Gradient Gels)

> I seal my plates with electrical tape at the bottom going up about
> halfway with clamps the rest of the way. If the plates are clean and
> dry they never leak (Use Windex and 70% ethanol). I pour the
> acrylamide in from a 100 ml beaker

That sounds good to me...our variation, picked up from an ABI rep,
uses ordinary autoclave tape, two layers, for sealing all around, no
clamps except on the comb.  As mentioned in another post, tape the
bottom corners with precise "hospital folds", and make sure there are
no creases anywhere else in the tape.  I dry the plates with a single
pass of a long rolled-up kimwipe that covers the whole width of the
plate.  Also, avoid puncturing the tape on the spacers at the bottom
corners.  During vertical pouring, one or two ml might leak at the
corners, but that stops when the plates are lowered to horizontal
and the comb is installed.  If the plates are clean, bubbles always
rise to the top and break before lowering the plates for the comb.

Robert A. Preston
UPMC Dept. Pathology
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