Gel leaks (was Salt Gradient Gels)

Patricia Foster pfoster at
Sun Jun 27 14:11:41 EST 1993

Cornelius Krasel (zxmkr08 at wrote:
: 2) Clamp the left and right spacers to this plate. There must
:    be enough place for the other plate to fit inbetween the
:    clamps.
: 3) Lay the other plate on the bottom of the first one. Elevate
:    the top of the first plate a bit.

  I have also used the "slide plate" method and would make the
following additions:
   Tape the side spacers to the bottom plate with very small pieces
of double-sided stick scotch tape (drug store or craft store).
   Put the bottom plate on four petri plates.  Put an old plate next
to it , four petri plates, and then the top plate.  This places the
top plate at exactly the right height for sliding.
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