gel pouring w/o leaks

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Mon Jun 28 08:07:15 EST 1993

A very simple way to avoid leaky sequencing gels is the following:
Clamp as usual along the sides. Cut a piece of Whatman 3MM filter paper
(its thicker) about 1" deep, and wide enough to insert in the bottom
of the gel mold with about 2-3 mm to spare on either side, and about
half the depth hanging out the bottom of the mold. Take ~5ml
(for a 30cm wide mold) of the PA solution, add ~2x the appropriate amount
of TEMED (i.e., ~6 ul), and, with a pasteur pipette, squirt it onto the
filter paper. Capillary action draws the PA into the rest of the filter
paper plug, and *usually* fills the corners; it often helps to squirt a
little (a lot) extra into the gaps in the corners to get a really thorough
seal. The extra TEMED will cause the whole thing to set up in ~5 min, and
then you can pour the rest of the gel as though you had gone to all the
trouble to seal everything wwith tape (how unpleasant & tedious!).
	We use this method with both manual and automatic sequencing rigs.

Steve Carr
Dept. of Biology
Memorial Univ of Newfoundland
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