sequencing gel pouring

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Mon Jun 28 06:09:21 EST 1993

We pour our sequencing gels flat... the bottom plat is layed on a support, the 
spacers clamped in place, and the acrylamide poured on the plate near the 
end furthest from you. the top plate is then placed, lower edge first, across
the pool of acrylamide, and lowered smoothly. If you sequencing setup has 
sponge stops (like the hoefer rigs do) then you can rest the top plate on
these, take a breath, and 'ooze' them down off the sponges flat onto the 
spacers. With practice, this method makes for perfect gels every time, and
uses as little as 70ml of acrylamide. Once aligned, th eplates are then 
clamped. One usually has a few dribbles from the bottom and tops of the 
plates onto the bench, but if this is done on a big plastic sheet, the mess
can be collected up and trashed once the gel has set. I suggest a few 
practice runs with water first, though, as it can be wastfull the first few

Try it and see.

Nigel Barker

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