Eukaryotic protein expression

awalley at awalley at
Mon Jun 28 10:44:21 EST 1993

    I would like to express a eukaryotic glycosylated protein in large amounts
 with its authentic glycosylation pattern i.e. not in yeast or baculovirus.
Ideally, I would like to use a rapid affinity purification system to isolate
the protein. I have previously used the pGEX vector system for prokaryotic
expression but I believe that it is unsuitable for eukaryotes because they 
have their own GST enzyme - Correct me if I'm wrong please :-)

I'm looking at the pEBVHis vector of Invitrogen which uses the XPress 
Histidine/Nickel affinity system. Any comments on your own experiences or 
alternatives will be gratefully received.

Andrew Walley,
Institute of Molecular Medicine,
Oxford, UK.

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