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Wed Jun 30 11:29:04 EST 1993

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>Hallo. I am looking for a fast and reliable method for direct sequencing of
>Lambda plaques. It doesn't matter how trivial the method(s) is. Thanks for your
>Andrea Seiler
>Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
>E-Mail: SARKARI at RZ-Berlin.MPG.DE
I'm beginning to think that people do not know there is a FAQ list
that covers many of these kinds of questions. Here is a pointer
to the FAQ lists on bionet:

The FAQ list for bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts is available by anonymous
ftp from as the file pub/methods/FAQlist. It is also available
by anonymous ftp from as pub/BIOSCI/METHDS-REAGNTS/METHODS.FAQ

New users of BIOSCI/bionet may want to read the "Frequently Asked
Questions" or "FAQ" sheet for BIOSCI. The FAQ provides details on how
to participate in these forums and is available for anonymous FTP from [] in pub/BIOSCI/biosci.FAQ. It may also be
requested by sending e-mail to biosci at (use plain English
for your request). The FAQ is also posted on the first of each month
to the newsgroup BIONEWS/bionet.announce immediately following the
posting of the BIOSCI information sheet.

Another good source of information for new users is "A Biologist's
Guide to the Internet" which is published monthly in the Usenet
newsgroups, bionet.general, and news.answers. It is also
available by anonymous ftp from as file "biology/guide".

ftp archives of all the BIOSCI/bionet messages are available at 
[] in /pub/BIOSCI. Contact biosci at for further help
or comments on the archives.

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