Help on electroporation of Swiss 3T3 cells

All FMI-users fmiuser at
Wed Jun 30 08:25:01 EST 1993

Hi netters,
I would be grateful for some information about electroporation of 
Swiss 3T3 cells. I want to do stable transfectants on a Biorad 'Genepulser'.
Could anybody help me with conditions that he tried or optimized
for Swiss 3T3 cells or suitable references. I will summarize the data 
and post them again here on the board.
It would be nice to obtain: Voltage, Capacitance, time, concentration 
of cells and DNA ,cuvet type used and the efficiency of transfection obtained.
Does anybody confirm that it helps to use linearized plasmids for
enhancing the rate of stable transfectants or to leave the cells
on ice after electroporation?

Thanks in advance

Christoph Reinhard
Friedrich Miescher Institut
4007 Basel, Switzerland
reinhard at

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