CJ236 F' episome ?

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> ... Any information on the construction of CJ236 greatly appreciated.
CJ236 is referenced in Kunkel's first Methods in Enzymol. paper, 154, p367,
1987. The F-plasmid, pCJ105, was constructed by Cathy Joyce (Yale U) by
putting a HaeIII fragment from pACYC184 containing cat into pOX38. She says
pOX38 is the large HindIII fragment of the F factor, which contains all the
mating functions. The reference for pOX38 should be Guyer et al., CSHSQB
45,135-40,1980, but we don't have that volume here and I haven't written
away for it yet to look. The HaeIII fragment has HindIII linkers, and was
inserted into the HindIII site of pOX38. I don't have a clue as to why it
won't mate into MG4, unless its a restriction/modification problem. Is
BW310F'r-m-, or E. coli B? Is MG4 hsdR-?

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