Problems with new Sequenase?

Mon Mar 1 12:35:25 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb28.215711.5555 at>, gchacko at (George W Chacko) writes:
>In article <C36GF7.6wr at> pmiguel at writes:
>>  Has anyone had troubles with Sequenase since USB introduced their
>>new Glycerol Enzyme Dilution Buffer?  I mean the tubes of Sequenase 
>>which are packaged with reaction (annealing) buffer which has a
>>blue label on the top.
>>  A couple of people in our lab have had very faint bands on their
>>autorads (maybe 5x fainter than normal).  We have new 35S-dATP and one 
>>of them was working with templates that previously gave him no
>Me too. I think that Eric Hugo (eric at was talking
>about a similar problem. I just opened a new kit and my first four
>autorads were really faint. I thought it was because of a new box of
>film that we'd ordered from a different manufacturer.

 [I wrote the first post that George is responding to -- I'm now
responding from another account...]
  A few people have now written me and the culprit seems to be
some batches of 35S-dATP from Amersham.  I phoned Amersham and they
took the rap.  The batch we have is 9302.  The rep. I talked to seemed 
surprised at the batch number -- most of their complaints have been
with 9304.  But they are replacing my mCi with batch 9308.  We'll be
testing it and I'll post results.  
  (I should add we tried using some 35S-dATP from an old batch (9237) and
it seems to have worked -- at least when the gel was scoped with a geiger

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