Membranes, proteins and RNA

Gordan Lauc lauc at
Mon Mar 1 12:10:59 EST 1993

Hi to all of you on the Net

I have a problem and I would be very grateful if somebody can help me. 

I am looking for a membrane (or/and conditions) that binds proteins and
doesn't bind RNA.

I have managed to find several procedures but they seem to simple and I am
afraid that they are not specific enough. 

The first one (M. Rosendfeld and A Barrieux, Methods. Enzymol 60:392) uses
normal nitrocellulose with 10 mM tris/Cl, pH=7.6, 30 mM KCl, and claims that
nitrocellulose will bind less than 0.3 % of added RNA.

The second one (jwbrown at crab Wed Jan 15,/Molecular-Biology/
Materials+Methods') boils nitrocellulose and claims that it continues to bind
proteins but do not bind any DNA. He says nothing about RNA.

I would be very grateful if somebody with experience in this field would help
me to solve this problem. I plan to search for some rare RNA binding proteins
with tritium-labeled probe and I need really specific assay system.

Thank you in advance.

Gordan Lauc

     Please reply directly to me and I will post summary later.

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