Problems with new Sequanase?

siddiqui at siddiqui at
Tue Mar 2 16:00:40 EST 1993

Since January 1993, we have been experiencing a lot of problems with
our sequencing.  We have used both Sequanase (USB) and T7 Pharmacia sequencing
kits.  However, with both of these kits, we have used 35S from Amersham 
(Lot No. AC 9302).  After reading few postings in this newsgroup about 
problems with 35S from Amersham, I used 35S from Dupont with the Pharmacia kit.
You know what?  Even I can run a good sequencing gel.  Thank you very much
for posting this information on the newsgroup.

Afzal Siddiqui
Siddiqui at

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