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KELLY THOME kmorris1 at
Wed Mar 3 00:30:00 EST 1993

In article <1993Mar1.214925.335 at>, pickett at writes...
>Hello my name is John C. (Pickett at and I have four questions which I
>need answers to. If anyone has the time to answer them would you please send 
>them to me?  I need answers as soon as possible (March 3....spring break starts
>the 5th).  If you can only answer one or two that's fine just send me what you 
>know.  Thanks alot.
>Here they are 
    [questions deleted]
>Once again thanks for any help which is provided.
>Pickett at

The questions, deleted in the interest of saving space, sound a lot like 
exam questions to me.  Perhaps a take home due before March break? :-)

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