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> Hi Netters,
> A simple methods query:  how much organic solvent
> will interfere with oligonucleotide binding to
> Duponts Nensorb20?  
> e.g., after a phenol/chloroform extraction, is the
> level of organic solvent in the aqueous phase a 
> problem.  Can it be overcome by diluting (how much)
> or by extracting with something like ether and then
> blowing off the ether?
> Thanks
> Al Fornace
> email: fornace at

Can't answer your question directly, but I used to use Nensorb20s to purify
32-P end-labelled oligos; I never bothered with an organic extraction, I 
just killed the enzyme with heat (65C for 5 minutes, or something like that)
then followed the Nensorb protocol (MeOH, TTE, etc). Everything worked fine.
So the short version is: if you don't use phenol, it won't interfere!

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