salicylate & fluorography

Thu Mar 4 16:53:09 EST 1993

>I'm looking for both a protocol and a reference for
>the use of sodium salicylate as a fluor for H3, S35,
>and C14 labelled protein acrylamide gels.
>A partial protocol I found suggests soaking in water
>and 1M sodium salicylate.
>Does anyone have more details or a reference to this?

I have sucessfully used salicylate for C14 fluorography.  Following 30 
mins. in distilled water, the gel is treated for 30 mins in 1.0 M sodium 
salicylate and dried. The reference is: 

Chamberlian, J.P. 1979. Flourography detection of of radioactivity in 
polyacrylamide gels with the water-soluble fluor, sodium salicylate. 
Anal. Biochem. 98, 132.

Bob Rutledge
Petawawa National Forestry Institute
brutledge at

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