Sequencher program for ABI373 data

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Fri Mar 5 22:58:38 EST 1993

scarr at writes:

>I've just gotten the demo disk for the Sequencher program from Gene Codes.
>It's looks reasonable, and so far as I am aware is the only program besides
>ABI's own SeqEd that handles the chromatogram data from an ABI 373A.

>Before I shell out $1700, does anyone out there have extensive experience
>with Sequencher, and how does it compare with SeqEd?

Dear Steve,

I don't know Sequencher, and so it may be worth $1700 (here I go
talking about the price of software again ... sigh!!!), and I don't
know which platform (computer) it works on, but for ~~$200 (but don't
quote me on that) you can get the Staden package which works on a Unix
machine.  I would give that a try! 

Contact Rodger Staden (rs at or Simon Dear
(sd at

All the best,


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