large scale antibody production

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> >I am interested in scaling up hybridoma production of monoclonal
> >antibodies to produce quantities of antibody on the order of GRAMS.  Have
> >experimented with Amicons mini-flo-path bioreactors with good success,
> but
> >would like to use a more full featured, self-contained unit.  Has anyone
> >out there experience with the use of any of the larger scale hollow fiber
> >bioreactors, or any other technology for that matter, that would
> >facilitate very large scale Ab production?  Also, if anyone is aware of a
> >biotechnology group on the net, where this type of post might be more
> >appropriate, please let me know.
> >Thanks,
> >Fred Garbrecht
> Is there some reason you don't want to make ascites? I don't know of a
> better or cheaper bioreactor than a mouse if all you need is a gram or two
> of antibody.
> Roger Wiegand
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I need many grams, and since this would be for potential in vivo use it
needs to be nice and pure; ascites has many disadvantages in this regard.

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