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>This is the thing that really bugs me. It may work for you once or for a 
>particular sample, but it is UNRELIABLE.

>We also have somone that claims that it works for her, but there are 
>three others who would like to autoclave it.

>Does it work for you EVERY time, with a variety of DNA's ? How many
>samples have you used it on. I can almost tell you for a fact that 
>it will not measure DNA purified from agarose correctly. Other 
>samples like plasmid minipreps may or may not read correctly. PCR
>product of 500bp both have read and have not read correctly.

I have used it quite a lot on Birny DNA, various bacterial chromosomal DNA 
preps, and CsCl purified DNA. I haven't used very much on DNA purified from 
agarose or acrylamide, but have on occasion. Sometimes it jumps all over the 
place for me. Carefully washing the cuvette always seems to take care of the 
problem. I use reasonably fresh dye. I am extremely careful to leave the 
cuvette in the machine between calibration with standard and measurement of 
unknown, and am extremely careful not to disturb the position of the cuvette 
when rinsing, adding sample, etc. I am very careful to avoid bubbles when 
adding or mixing samples. I don't know how accurate my readings are, but 
when I've bothered to compare them with the spec, they were pretty close, 
and the readings are always consistent with what I see on the gel. I like 
the machine.

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