Survey: does maltose help or hurt lambda plaque size?

Andre Hamel hamel at
Tue Mar 9 14:04:35 EST 1993

With maltose for improved efficiency of top agar plate/plaque formation
especially if Lambda library (cDNA in gt11 for example).

Without maltose for liquid cultures for growing the E.coli for lysates for
Lambda phage DNA preparation ... to reduce "abortive" infection of already
lysed/dead cells ... thus increasing phage DNA yield.

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In article <1ngf8h$sqr at> steffen at (David Steffen) writes:
>If one examines protocols for growing bacteriophage lambda, some
>protocols strongly recommend growing the titering bacteria in maltose
>(to induce the lambda receptor) as more receptor will lead to better
>infection, whereas other protocols equally strongly recommend the
>opposite in the belief that too many receptors will lead to abortive
>I was raised in a "no maltose" lab as a grad student, but I got to
>wondering; what do most people do?
>So please reply to this message in 100 words or less:
>"I do/do not use maltose to grow lanmbda hosts because..."
>Definitive resolutions to this paradox will be happily accepted as
>well.  Results will be summarized and posted.
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