CJ236 plasmid pCJ105??

Warren Wakarchuk wakarchu at biologysx.lan.nrc.ca
Tue Mar 9 11:15:18 EST 1993

Hi Netters,
  I recently obtained some CJ236 for preparing UDNA for site-directed
mutagenesis.  The most quoted reference to this strain is the Kunkel et al 
in Methodss in Enzymology.  What I wanted to know is what is on the plasmid 
in this strain?  The plasmid reference given in the above paper (Joyce and 
Grindley J. Bact, 158:636 1984) does not describe this plasmid.  I'll assume 
it is an F' with Cm resistance, but what else is on it???
  Also, what level of Cm do people use for this strain, the J. Bact. 
reference says 20 ug/ml for other pCJ plasmids.  Do people include Cm when 
preparing ssDNA?

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