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Wed Mar 10 10:45:35 EST 1993

jeffs at (Jeffrey Alan Silverman) writes:

>......considering purchasing either a phosphoimager or a betascope
>from either Molecular Dynamics, Fuji or Betagen.   
>......experience with these instruments and has any insight.
>......comments on sensitivity, resolution and  speed.  ....Sequencing 
>Jeff Silverman
>Jeffs at

I've been usina a Betagen machine for two years with satisfaction.
Slot blots that would require 6h to overnight on film are nicely 
resolved in 30-45m.  Quantitation is far superior, since film has 
little range and becomes easily saturated.  Mechanical problems are
minor and well resolved by service.

The deck that membranes lie on is relatively small for sequencing
projects.  We have dried down acrylamide gels and scanned them, but 
the thickness of dried gels (cf membranes) decreases sensitivity.  Resolution
is quite comparable to film.

Reproducibility is very high, even when different operators place grids
over the same scans.  Variability in my experiments lies elsewhere.  Data
output is to text files that can be manipulated (not entirely straight-
forwardly) into Lotus-like files or any database.  I'm guessing that 
networking would be a pain, if possible.  I have no idea what operating
system the software uses, etc.

Bruce Byrne

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