Request for help with transfection of hepatocytes

Edward E. Cable eecable at umassmed.UMMED.EDU
Wed Mar 10 09:24:16 EST 1993

I am going to start some "gene-bashing" experiments in
primary hepatocytes, from chick embryos.  I would like
to know if anyone has experience with this system or
a similar primary tissue culture system, i.e. rat or
any other kind of bird.  Particularly I would like to
have access to any protocols, appropriate references will
be given, of course, and any hints on what are systems of
plasmids, and reporter genes that work really well,
those that don't really work at all, or are tempermental,
and any tricks that would expedite this work.  I have no
hands on experience with tranfections at this point
and any help would be appreciated.  Please
e-mail me any replies and I'll compile a list of suggestions
within a month, and post the compilation.

       Thanks in Advance,

       Ed Cable
       UMass Medical Center, Worcester, MA USA
       Phone (508) 856-6868
       FAX (508) 856-3981
       eecable at

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