2,2' dipyridyl disulphide - solubility?

Dave Pearton Biochemistry pearton at PROBLEM_WITH_INEWS_GATEWAY_FILE
Wed Mar 10 04:47:49 EST 1993

Hi all,

I am having problems with the solubility of 2,2' dipyridyl
disulphide.  It seems practically insoluble at 4 C or room temp
in both Tris pH 10.5 and Formate pH 4.0.  At higher temps (eg 35
C) it seems to form micelles on the top of the buffer.

Does anyone have any explanations/comments?

Thanks in advance.

David Pearton
Dept. of Biochemistry
University of Natal
pearton at unpsun1.cc.unp.ac.za

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