Sea Urchin Oocyte DNA prep (query)

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Wed Mar 10 07:20:13 EST 1993

cpatil at leland.Stanford.EDU (Christopher Kashina Patil) writes:

>I have been trying to get good yields of genomic DNA from sea urchin
>(L. pictus, S. purpuratus) oocytes using techniques that are pretty 
>conventional for mammalian cells (Proteinase K digest, phenol/chloroform
>extraction, ethanol precipitation). However, my yields are low (about
>10% of what I expect).

Is there a reason why you are using eggs and not sperm?

In a previous life I use to work on RNA stability on purps and pictus
... but lots of people in the lab use to prep DNA from sperm.  I will
dig out the protocol, if it would be usefull (It is pretty deap



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