RNA sizing

liam Good UGG00146 at VM.UOGUELPH.CA
Thu Mar 11 11:53:59 EST 1993

Howdy Partners,

We want to confirm the size of an RNA fragment that we predict is
310-315 bases.  I ran this RNA beside a sequencing ladder and it
migrates next to a 340 base DNA fragment.  Of course, I expect the RNA to
run slower than DNA, but I don't know how much slower.  The gel includes
some 5.8S rRNA, which is known to be 158 bases, and it runs like a 166 base
DNA fragment.  From this I calculate that RNA runs about 5% slower than DNA,
but I am not sure if this can be assumed for different sized RNAs.  For the
RNA that I am interested in, the size estimate is about 3% off my prediction.

How should I handle this problem????
Is there a better sizing method????


Liam Good
U o Guelph

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