help HOMOLOGY program within INSIGHT

Angelo Gunasekera angelo at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Tue Mar 16 00:59:46 EST 1993

Newsgroups: bionet.molbio.proteins
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Organization: Princeton University

I am trying to build up a good working model for a single chain antibody
(variable regions of the light and heavy linked by a peptide linker)
using the HOMOLOGY program within INSIGHT (Biosym).  I am able to
transfer SCR (struc. conserved region) coordinates the sequence of my
interest.  My question is that whether its possible to truncate the
sequnce of an existing pdb file to be displayed as a truncated protein?
(for eg. even if I use the display command to show only the part of the
protein on screen, I always get the full protein sequence information on
screen when I invoke the extract sequnce command)
One way to get around that problem I think is to edit and delete the
unnecessary sequnce coordinates in the pdb file before displaying it on
screen.  Does that make sense or is there any easy ways of doing the
same thing.  Since i don't know much about editing pdb files, can
someone out there help me doing it.
I am using homology program within Insight 2.0 in a silicon graphic work
Thanks in advance


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