Migration of Chromosomal vs. plasmid DNA

Terese M Barta-1 barta001 at STAFF.TC.UMN.EDU
Wed Mar 17 17:18:04 EST 1993

On 16 Mar 1993, Peter M. Muriana wrote:

> Hi netters,
> Does anyone have a good reference explaining why chromosomal DNA migrates 
> in the range of moderately-sized plasmid DNA (bacterial) on agarose gels, 
> considering that it's so much larger.  I'm looking for one or more good 
> references for graduate students (and myself too).  I can find material on 
> CCC vs. OC vs. linear plasmids, but not **why** chromosomal DNA migrates so 
> close to ~30-kb plasmids while it may be ~2-4 mb.  Thanks in advance.
When it comes to the DNas you talk about, it's not so much a matter of the DNA
properties as much as it is the resolving power of the
gel. Agarose gels, in the concentration most people use, do not have the
ability to resolve big DNA molecules from REALLY big stuff.> Sorry, but I
don't really know of any real references on the subject.

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