lambda gt10 vs gt11

Andre Hamel hamel at
Fri Mar 19 12:04:13 EST 1993

Lambda gt10 is cloned into at Eco RI site in the cI (repressor) gene,
allowing for SELECTION of recombinant phage. One CANNOT screen gt10 phage
with antibody because there's no promoter to drive transcription through
cDNA inserts in this vector. Thus, ONLY suited for nucleic acid probing!

Lambda gt11 on other hand is suitable for BOTH antibody AND nucleic acid
probing. A cDNA insert has perhaps 1 in 6 chance of being in right reading
frame and orientation with respect to the lacZ promoter. Thus in gt11 every
recombinant cDNA clone in theory has 1 in 6 chance of being expressed as
fusion protein which in turn may be probed by antibody. ALL recombinant
cDNAs should be readilly probed by nucleic acid.


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In article <1oas5pINN5u6 at> dmeier at (Daniel Meier) writes:
>  I'm planning to construct a cDNA library using lambda phage.  Although I
>don't have a good antibody, I'm considering using lambda gt11 instead of 
>gt10 since I may obtain good antibodies in the future.  I understand
>lambda gt11 can be screened with nucleic acids as readily as gt10.  So I
>don't see any advantages using lambda gt10.  All thoughts on this strategy
>will be appreciated.  Thanks.
>Dan Meier
>dmeier at

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