Migration of Chromosomal vs. plasmid DNA

Paul N Hengen pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Mar 18 13:49:27 EST 1993

>> Does anyone have a good reference explaining why chromosomal DNA migrates 
>> in the range of moderately-sized plasmid DNA (bacterial) on agarose gels, 
>> considering that it's so much larger.  I'm looking for one or more good 
>> references for graduate students (and myself too).  I can find material on 
>> CCC vs. OC vs. linear plasmids, but not **why** chromosomal DNA migrates so 
>> close to ~30-kb plasmids while it may be ~2-4 mb.  Thanks in advance.

> Sorry, but I don't really know of any real references on the subject.

See Chapter 5 of this book for a full explanation:

Rodriguez, R. L., and R. C. Tait. 1983. Recombinant DNA techniques: An
introduction. Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co., Inc. Menlo Park, CA.

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