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> Dear netters,
> 1) What is the best method to get 17-mer and 20-mer oligos in aqueous
> solution (that have been used for sequencing) back into a powder form?
> 2) What kind of recovery does one get when one precipitates 17-mer and
> 20-mer oligos using (a) ethanol and (b) isopropanol ? Are there any
> carriers that would help in getting a better recovery? 
> Thanks in advance
> Anand Bachhawat

There is a paper (Paithankar & Prasad, (1991) Nucleic Acid Rearch 19(6):1346) 
you may refer to. They showed that using 2 vol. of ethanal and 10mM MgCl2 at RT
(20-22 degree C.) for 10min, at least 26mer fragment (pUC13 DNA digested by
HindIII) was precipited and higher recovery of low concentration DNA than
precipitation at 0 degree C. was obtained.

	Please note that the fragments in the paper were dsDNA, while your
oligos are single stranded. 

Good Luck.

Zhonglin Chai

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