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michael coyne michael.coyne at
Sun Mar 21 18:53:00 EST 1993

Hello all..

We're having a little discussion amongst our biosaftey committee about
the proper method of disposing of ethidium bromide.  Most of the stuff
is in dilute solution (5 - 10 ug/ml) from staining agarose gels; some,
however, is at a higher concentration (like that left over from CsCl

We realize there are several ways of disposing of this stuff (listed in
Maniatis), and some ways (like using bleach) which have apparently
fallen out of favor.

My question:  How do you (or your facility) dispose of ethidium bromide
waste?  We're trying to get a consensus opinion.

All answers appreciated and, if necessary, confidence will be
maintained.  Please e-mail responses to me at michael.coyne at
(preferred) or 71071.1155 at  I will post a summary of
replies received.



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