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 buzy at quads.uchicago.edu (Len Buzyna) writes:
>Today Japan owns the 7/11 store chain, Dunlop, Universal Pictures, Columbia
>Pictures, Loews Theaters, MCA Home Entertainment, Tri-Star Pictures, CBS
>Records, Columbia Records, Spencers stores, Ciniplex Odeon (a big part),
>Firestone Tires and many many more very large US companies while Americans
>are prevented from owning any important Japanese concerns.
>To find out more about this (and get a more complete list of the above), read
>(JAPANYES) "Does America Say Yes To Japan?";Louis Leclerc 1992,93 which is
>available free on INTERNET. (most recent edition is v031993). This thoughtfully
>written and important article has been circulating widely in many of America's
>biggest corporations & universities like IBM & Harvard. When you read it (it
>takes about 30 minutes), you'll see why.
>The essay provides a frightening yet fascinating detailed, referenced overview
>of the Japanese industrial machine at work and how Japan practices 'business
>is war' strategies to target and take over strategic critical U.S. industries
>like high technology, popular media and heavy industry as well as influence
>the decisions of the US government in favor of Japan. It is a very moving
>piece and is filled with many verifiable and disturbing examples.
>You can get JAPANYES 1 of 3 ways:
>1)FTP to monu6.cc.monash.edu.au   it's in directory: pub/nihongo   as: JAPANYES
>2)The article has been posted in its entirety (in three sections however)
>  in the misc.test & soc.culture.usa & sci.econ newsgroups. Search on the
>  author 'buzy' or the title 'article' to find the posts.
>3)Email a request for JAPANYES to ar12 at midway.uchicago.edu
>  He will email you a copy.

  Oh Sh&#^T! I didn't know that!
 Thanks for the tips. BTW, why don't you also list all of the
 US properties, businesses and companies that  the  Dutch,the German,
 Great Britain , and Netherland own  of US and how much the US
 has acquired European firms in return ?

 And would you please do some statistical analysis
 and give us the ratio to show that the Japanese are buying 
 up the US  compared to the Great Britain or the Dutch ?
 or at least point out the source, so that the AMERICAN PEOPLE can
 read and see who is really OWNING THE UNITED STATES huh!
 Don't single out and targeting  the Japanese and 
 while turning your eyes away from the Europeans.

Thank you.

tdn7039 at ritvax.isc.rit.edu

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