M13 sequencing templates from XL1Blue

Rosemary T. Hoffman rth at anat.UMSMED.EDU
Mon Mar 22 21:08:08 EST 1993

In article <1993Mar22.134454.13862 at anat.UMSMED.EDU> rth at anat.UMSMED.EDU
(Rosemary T. Hoffman) writes:
>I am trying to sequence a series of Exonuclease III deletion constructs
>which I have made in M13BM20 (Boehringer Manheim's new version of mp18).
>I have tried 8 hour cultures, while purer on agarose gels the pattern seen
>on sequencing gels is still dirty.
>Has anyone had success with growing M13 in XL1-Blue for this purpose?

Thanks to those who replied to my question.  I had tried just growing the
stuff overnight and forgetting about contributions from E.coli chromosomal
DNA, and lo-and-behold four different templates gave me great sequence!

(So much for listening to your advisor :-{ .  I guess this is his way
of training me to think independently.)

Thanks again.


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