precipitation of oligos

Ernest Retzel 1535 49118 ernest at
Tue Mar 23 03:44:50 EST 1993

As part of an HPLC oligo purification protocol, we routinely detritylate
with 80% acetic acid, and then extract the trityls and acetic acid with
5 volumes of ether, and spin in a microfuge.  The pellet is washed 2x
with ether and re-spun each time, followed by drying in a speedvac.

I have never tried it without the acetic acid, but suspect it would work.
In the protocol above, oligos ppt quite quantitatively.  It lacks the art
of assorted salts and alcohols; it just works.

If the oligo is just in water, speedvacing to dryness works just fine.

Ernie Retzel
ernest at

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