Results of Bibliography Software Survey

John Alsobrook ALSOBROOK at
Wed Mar 24 13:25:58 EST 1993

Greetings, all.  A month or so ago I posted a request for personal evaluations
of science-oriented bibliographic software packages. Of the replies I received,
20 had recommendations for a particular program. Thanks to everyone who took
the time to reply. The results are included below:

Program		# positive recommendations
-------		--------------------------

EndNote		7

ProCite		4

Papyrus		3

Reference	2

home-made	2
Unix things

Q&A database	1

dms4cite	1

I payed no attention to platform requirements since some have Mac & IBM
versions while others have only one (and we're "lucky" enough to be Mac- and
IBM-capable); most folks who liked one package also disliked 3 or 4 others, so
I only included the positive responses. Hope this helps anyone.  As for us,
well, we're still thinking about it...

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