Software wanted for densitometry

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Thu Mar 25 20:11:40 EST 1993

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Horton) wrote:
> 	I know of two public-domain programs that can be used for densitometry,
> NCSA GelReader (version 2.0.4) and NIH Image. I have used GelReader to find
> the sizes and intensities of ethidium-stained bands in gels; it also works for
> black-on-white images like Comassie-stained gels or autorads. We capture
> our images on a CCD camera (UVP Imagestore 5000 system), transfer the file to
> a Macintosh using Apple File Exchange, and analyze size and intensity using
> GelReader.
> 	GelReader can be obtained by ftp from
> 	Both GelReader and Image get occasional coverage in, 
> which might be a good place to ask for further opinions.
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Hi bionetters,

Sorry I did not get back earlier. It seems that Bob's answer summarizes the
general feedback I got about what densitometry programs are  available in
the public domain (Gel reader and Image). I heard some people formulating
reservations about Gel reader although I never used it before. Image is OK
by my standards as long as the image capture is good. Thanks to everybody
for their answers.

ois Baneyx
Univ. of Washington

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