Death of a lambda library

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Thu Mar 25 00:30:19 EST 1993

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>I don't expect anyone to solve my problem, but in general does anyone
>of factors that can kill phage or inhibit its growth?  I've remade all of
>my buffers and gotten fresh bacteria, but the results are the same.  Any
>thoughts would be appreciated.

We had a similar problem with lambda ZAPII and the XL1 cells, i.e the
titre and plaque size suddenly dropped.  The solution was to always
maintain the plating cells on minimal media with maltose as the carbon
source.  By continually sub-passaging the stock culture on LB+ maltose,
presumably the lamB gene was lost and not surprisingly there were no
plaques.  Since we have started using the minimal medium to keep the
stocks, we have never had the problem again.

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