S17-1, anybody can provide it??

Thon de Boer deboer at bio.vu.nl
Sat Mar 27 13:09:34 EST 1993

txt15 at po.CWRU.Edu (Tao Tao) writes:
: Dear Netters,
: I am in need of a strain called S17-1 for conjugation purposes,  I would 
: appreciate it if some kind soul in the net can provide me with this strain.
: Thanks in advance for the help.
We use S17-1 a lot for conjugation and it works very well. I could send it to
you, but as I am working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, it is maybe more
convienient if you get it from someone in your neighbourhood can provide it.
If no one can, i will be happy to send it to you. Let me know.

Sincerely, Thon de Boer

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