about gopher "7m] ..." (was Re:Protein Data Bank)

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Sun Mar 28 12:04:34 EST 1993

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu (Dan Jacobson) writes:

>Ok, now a few notes about some of the gopher clients.  If you are using
>a Unix client - retrieve the full entry by pointing the selector
>arrow at the entry of interest and typing "s".  This will retrieve
>the entry straight to your hard disk without requiring you to view the
>whole thing - but more importantly it avoids the insertion of bolding
>characters (^[[7m^[[m) into the entry (some of the older unix clients 
>don't have the "s" feature - update your client if necessary).  

Dear Dan (and other Gopher_gurus)

I run the unix_gopher_client version 1.12, I have the "s" function,
but I do get those escape_reverse_video characters in my saved file.
They are a real nuissance ...  Did I do something wrong when I
compiled gopher? (this is on a Sparc2, running SunOS 4.1.2, olwm 3.0)

While we are on the subject ... if you don't have a Gopher client
installed on your machine .... GET IT!!!!  It comes in all flavors,
Unix, VMS, Mac and PC (and as Dan was saying ... they each have little
quircks ;-)

You cannot do sequence analysis/molecular biology without it!  It is
an _indispensible tool_.

It goes without saying that we _all_ owe *very* much to Dan and Don
and the _many_ others who manage the many bio_gopher wholes (servers)
world wide.

Thank you very much!



| B.F. Francis "YES on YEAST" Ouellette  
| manager, yeast chromosome I & XVI sequencing project
| dept of biology, McGill university, Montreal, Qc, Canada
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