luminescent westerns

Patricia Foster pfoster at
Mon Mar 29 14:26:26 EST 1993

I highly recommend "Western-Light" by Tropix, Inc, Bedford, MA
(800) 542-2369.  The sensitivity of the reagent allowed
me to detect fairly quantitatively a low level of expression
from the E. coli chromosome.  Combined with a PVDF membrane
(Immobilon from Millipore) it was super. However, I did not
use the secondary Ab that came with the kit as it gave a
cross-reacting band with my antibody.  So I used the AP
conjugated Ab from Promega that I had used with the color
	Needless to say I have no affiliation with the
above companies, except that the people at Tropix were
very helpful and I have a vested interest in keeping
them in business.
Pat Foster
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA
pfoster at

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