magnetic beads/mRNA labelling

Andre Hamel hamel at
Tue Mar 30 11:51:58 EST 1993

You may wish to inquire with DYNAL, the developers of paramagnetic bead
technology. From the brochures that I have, the UK address, etc is:

Dynal (UK), Station House, 26 Grove St., New Ferry, Wirral, Merseyside, UK.
L62 5AZ, Tel; 051-644-6555, FAX; 051-645-2094

I got lots of info from them, including a molecular biology technical
handbook for use of their magnetic bead products.


Andre Hamel
Manitoba Vet. Virol.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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In article <1993Mar27.164631.13722 at> URA1335 at ARTHUR.CITI2.FR writes:
>I have some questions:
>What is the best biotin/streptavidin-magnet. beads
>system for hybridasation purposes?
>How do you label your mRNA w/ biotin and then fixe
>onto magnetic beads coated w/ streptawidin?
>I would like to hybridise biotinylated mRNAs to
>some DNAxD then capture the hybrids by
>magnetic beads coated w/ streptavidin...
>thanks for any advice

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